Dennis Kitainik
Author Bio

Born and raised in Moscow, Russia, Dennis Kitainik became fascinated with aviation at a very young age.  His childhood heroes included such aviation legends as the Wright Brothers, Charles Lindbergh, Valeriy Chkalov, and Chuck Yeager.  Ever since his earliest childhood, he has been amassing knowledge about all aspects of aviation, which was later to pay off handsomely in terms of the incredible amount of realism this knowledge added to his writing.

Dennis moved with his parents to California in 1993.  Blessed with a very high IQ, he learned English within a year, and proved to have a talent for the exact sciences  Graduating from Cupertino High School in 2001, he enrolled at San Jose State University to study chemistry. However, after a sudden inspiration, he decided to pursue a career as a novelist. Following an abortive attempt to write a modern-day detective novel based on ancient Norse mythology (what the hell?..), he made a choice to write novels about aviation, the subject he knew best.  After having had a vivid dream about parachuting into the Arctic Ocean, he was inspired to write a novel about a rescue mission in the Far North, which would eventually become his first published book, titled Higher Than an Eagle: A Wings of Mercy Novel.  For this project, he drew his inspiration from an eclectic variety of sources, ranging from classical literature and ancient mythology, to biographies and travelogues, to poetry, magazine headlines and even folk songs.


Dennis's first novel, Higher Than an Eagle, has received universally positive reviews and is available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble (by online order only), and directly from the publisher, Llumina Press.  He is currently working on the second novel in the Wings of Mercy series, titled Roses in the Snow, with several more novels in the works.

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