Dennis Kitainik

Wings of Mercy series
Part of the proceeds from the sale of these books will be donated to the US Civil Air Patrol.

Higher Than an Eagle: A Wings of Mercy Novel
Civil Air Patrol pilot Heather Mallory and her husband, military surgeon Rick Floyd, are assigned a mission to save the life of a meteorologist who has been mauled by a polar bear in the Arctic wilderness.  With time running out and a major polar cyclone closing in, they must fly through horrendous Arctic weather in a light twin-engine airplane, and Rick must parachute to a tiny island in Hudson Bay, while Heather must land on a short airstrip nearby in zero visibility and nearly out of fuel.  Will they save the weatherman's life, or will they both die trying?

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Roses in the Snow: A Wings of Mercy Novel (coming soon)
Rick and Heather decide to take some time off from their rescue work and unwind at a ski resort in Jasper, Alberta.  But when the resort is hit by a devastating avalanche, they are called upon once again to join in an all-out effort to save the victims before it is too late.  With dozens of victims buried alive and only an hour or so to save them (and with the snowpack still unstable), will they succeed in digging out the victims alive, or will there be only dead bodies left for them to recover... or will they end up buried under the snow as well?


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